Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ultra-Surf Updates

Ultra-Surf Updates

Ultra-Surf is by far my favorite tool to get around Websense and other web activity limiting programs.  Ultra surf allows you to navigate where you want to go regardless of the restrictions placed on your computer. 

Make sure that you are keeping your UltraSurf program up to date.  If you do not keep UltrSurf updated, then you may start to experience some problems with your connection.

Some symptoms of an out-of-date Ultra Surf could include:
  • Slowly loading pages
  • Inability to access the internet - This can also be fixed by opening and closing down Ultra-surf properly.  If you shut down your computer without first closing Ultrasurf properly, you may experience this issue.
  • Unable to access pages that were previously accessible.
Upgrading is easy, just click on the allow upgrade button once it pops on your screen during use.  It's rather simple, yet also important.

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